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The Bible, in 31 days

This year, one of my goals was to read the bible in-one-year, that didn’t quite happen. 

I read the Bible in one month. In a month. Talk about #MissionPossible!

… there were days I cried … 

Honestly, there were days I cried real tears because I had to push myself to continue and not give up – but it was so worth it. Since then, this new confidence has birthed within me…


Challenge Accepted?

Before you dive in, please read the following : 

  1. The purpose of the plan is to read the Bible ( Genesis to Revelation) in a month (that is, thirty-one days)
  2. Feel free to choose a version you are comfortable with; I recommend NIV, KJV or ESV.
  1. This challenge isn’t a daily devotional; this is intended for, ideally, for anyone that already has a good knowledge of Scriptures and wants to fill in the areas where lacking, quickly.
  2. I strongly recommend telling a friend you are doing this challenge, so they can keep you accountable daily – trust me it helps.
  3. Please ensure you pray before the start of each day. We always need the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth in the scriptures. 

Now you are all set to go!

Remember to share with your friends and family!

Till next time. Shalom

Iysi x

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  1. Aiseosa Eweka-Okera says:

    Thank you, so helpful

    1. Iysi Soriah says:

      I’m glad to hear that !

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