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Affordable Modest Fashion: Everything

Ladies can you believe that this gorgeous polka dot dress was only £5!

One thing I want to emphasise on this platform is that modest fashion does not have to be expensive; so I’ll be sharing places you can buy affordable modest clothes while still looking incredibly stylish.

The first shop is When browsing any website make full use of the search bar and filter options; type in keywords like ‘midi, maxi, modest’ to make your search easier.

Heads up- if you really like an item be sure you complete your purchase quickly, as things do run out of stock even while you’re shopping.



Till next time. Shalom.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Lovely yet inexpensive. I love your write ups.

    1. Iysi Soriah says:

      Yes I’m so gad you like it! I’ll be sharing more affordable outfit ideas soon 🙂

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