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A deliverance took place from the pressures of social media when I went away for my two weeks break. Although I’ve taken social media breaks before, this time was different.

I learnt many things in the two weeks and realised I no longer feel the pressure to “stand out”.

Iysi, stand out ? Don’t you mean “fit in”?

Nope. Stand out. You see, usually it’s pressure to fit in but after reflecting I realised that I was under pressure to stand out. As a fashion blogger, a modest fashion blogger the pressure to be seen let alone make impact is real!

The fashion influencer place is saturated with millions of people. Small fish big ocean.

You see I didn’t realize how much I wanted my content to be seen and appreciated till I took time off.

Well now I’m back and confident with the content I produce.

1000 likes or 10 likes, after all I’m doing this for the advancement of God’s kingdom. In conclusion I’d like to thank God to delivering me from one of the many traps of social media; the pressure to stand out.

Earrings: Classytique
Earrings: Classytique
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For dress email



Shalom x

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