In the wonderful city of London (where I grew up) and around the world, the pressures to ‘fit in’ are REAL! Growing up, deep down in my heart, I loved modest fashion and yearned to speak with grace and wisdom – but most girls my age weren’t into that. Frequently, I was thoroughly interrogated! ‘Why are you dressing like a grandma?’ and ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend? ‘, ‘why do you always talk about God’ and ‘why don’t you wear weave?’ – all this at age 15. FIFTEEN!

You see, I’ve always had a strong desire to serve God in whatever career I find myself doing. And so, when I began to faithfully serve in the church, I was able to connect my love for God and my passion for fashion. That’s when I truly began to embrace my ideas of ways to inspire and empower women of all ages to embrace modest fashion. And that’s how Modestly was birthed.

Modestly was created for ALL women.

Modestly is more than an online blog; it’s a place of empowerment that will inspire you with the word of God and all things pertaining to modest fashion!

Modestly will:

  1. Empower and inspire women to embrace biblical modesty in its totality.
  2. Share practical and realistic modest fashion styling tips.
    (In the future Modestly will … )
  3. Host conferences
  4. Host Webinars: The Bible and Modesty

This is Modestly by Iysi. Welcome.