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Ladies, here we are – 4 months left until 2021!

Honestly, I’ve got 2 very big goals I want to achieve before this year finishes but I’m in no rush at all. I’ve learnt that my idea (well, the ideas GOD gives me) deserve time to grow before birthing them. A lot of time.

Like pregnancy I’ve got to wait a few months before its safe to deliver. The ideas need time to mature, time to grow in strength to ensure they are birthed at the right time.

How far have you progressed with your new year goals ? Not so far, you’ve got time to revisit and start! You can do it ! Be encouraged it never to late too start.

Very far? A very big well done to you ! Wishing you the very best!

Dress: H&M

Isn’t this dress stunning ?!

The puff-sleeves ? Perfectly crafted.

The colour? Perfect shade of green. I love how it complements my skin tone.

Howeverrrrrr…. it was far from modest! This is why I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if my idea of wearing a black dress underneath would work.

I took the risk anyways and bought the dress.


Shoes : Schuh
Glasses: Marc Jacobs
“Long dress in billowing organza with a double-layered stand-up collar and opening with covered buttons at the back of the neck. Voluminous, elbow-length balloon sleeves in a double layer with a shorter inner layer that has concealed elastication to create added volume in the sleeves. Relaxed fit with a seam at the knees and a wide, flounced hem. Detachable, short underdress in a viscose weave with adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps. The polyester content of the dress is partly recycled.”

Shalom x

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